Monday, November 19, 2018

Little Blocks into Big Blocks

All the little blocks for the Secret Santa Sew Along from the Temecula Quilt Company blog are getting sewn together -

Four blocks so far, and eight left to sew. There is still one clue left, so I hope I don't spoil anything, but it is starting to look a lot like a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt - one of my favourites!!

I spun a skein of yarn this week. This is wool from a raw fleece that I was given.

The fleece was so fine, but full of plant bits, so I only managed to comb a small amount. There is still lots of vegetable matter in it, but it is so soft (unusually compared to the other raw fleeces I was given). I plan to dye this and knit a cowl. It is 121g and 427m of fingering weight yarn.

Now for some snapshots of home -

Christmas lights are up.
We have been having so much fun skating!
Grey Partridges running around.
The mink posed for the camera.
All the best!♥︎

1 comment:

Karen said...

Your quilt is really looking great. You picked perfect fabrics for this mystery. Thanks for mentioning the name of the block. I wouldn't have known it, otherwise, and it's interesting to know the history of blocks.
Your yard looks lovely, too. And oh how Canadian, to have your own ice rink! I'm so jealous!

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