Monday, June 18, 2018

Another Quilt Along!

I decided to start another quilt along!
This one is called Moda Blockheads 2, a block of the week that started on June 6th, and ends next April (I am sure that I won't make them all, but I enjoyed making the first two).

The first one is Stellar Star, a 12" block,

and the second is Buckeye Beauty, a 6" block. I am using the same fabrics as all the other blocks I have been making recently, and these will be added to those blocks.

I dyed the yarn I had finished spinning last week.

I also did some practical sewing for a change - mending a well loved pair of shorts for my son.

This past week my sister and I volunteered for the Manitoba Sheep Association at a local fair.

There was a pair of lovely sheep to see,

and I enjoyed chatting with people about spinning. There was lots of great reactions - one little boy yelled at me from the other side of the barn that he knew what I was doing, I was using an old fashioned sewing machine!

All the best!♥︎


PaintedThread said...

I love the colors of the yarn!

Unknown said...

I didn't really like the 1st block when I first saw it, but love your rendition of it. Nancy A:

GailM. said...

I'm so impressed with all you do. That's so cute that the little boy recognized your old sewing machine haha. I thought you were going to say he thought it was what Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on. Love all your spinning and knitting.

Lynn S said...

I really enjoy reading your updates! Your sock knit-along project was really inspirational to me--so I found a pattern and have started knitting my first pair of socks. Tonight I finally passed the heels on both socks--so onto the legs and the cuffs. I have pictures of all the basic stitches to refer to as I go. And have also mastered unraveling too! I think I should have picked an easier pattern and will do so on my next set. But I'm not ready for the ones like the mystery project yet~

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