Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Pillows

I decided to take a little break from quilting the Circa 2016 Medallion quilt and make some new pillows (I even repurposed some old feathers pillows and a down duvet to create the insides - quite the mess! I have 2 more covers to make). 

I decided on really simple designs. Here is what I did -

This one is about 8"x16", made with 21, 2" half square triangles (I cut 3" squares to make the HST, trimmed to 2+1/2"). I added a 1+1/2" border around the blocks.

For the appliqué I chose simple circles (even the leaves are circles with points). I used the invisible machine appliqué technique for the appliqué.

The free motion quilting was really simple too - continuous curves in the dark triangles and stitching in the ditch around the appliqué pieces, and border. I used 100wt thread for the appliqué and free motion quilting for both pillows.

This one started with a 6" log cabin block (made with 1/2" 'logs' - from cut 1" strips). I bordered it with a small 3/4" (cut 1+1/4") border and a 3" border.

More simple circle appliqués.

For the free motion quilting I stitched in ditch around the logs, small border and appliqué pieces. The large border was quilted with irregular, parallel lines. This pillow is about 14" square. Both pillows are finished like a regular quilt with a binding (cut at 2+3/4" to accommodate the thickness of the added backing), and they have button closures. Most of the fabric for these pillows is by Jo Morton.

The other day our little visitor was enjoying some sunshine.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Ariane said...

These are adorable!!

KaHolly said...

I love them! They look great! How smart to take a break and make some relatively quick finishes. You must be so pleased with the results, especially after repurposing some of the 'ingredients'. Well done! XO

Sue SA said...

Really love your new cushions especially the court house steps, which l have never made. The effect is great, might try it for a change to log cabin:)

Gayle said...

what delightful little pillows you have made. It's so fun to stitch up small projects like that because they're so quick and you get instant gratification! LOVE THEM!

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