Friday, April 19, 2013

Week In Review

The week flew by!

I made a wall hanging from a fat quarter of fabric that I hand dyed (I hated to cut it up, and so used the whole piece). The fabric reminded me of being in the woods on a summer day, and looking up at the sun shining through the leaves. This piece was tray dyed - I packed a piece of dry fabric in a small plastic container and added a different colour dye to each side of the container (in this case yellow mixed with a bit of black on one end, and green with a bit of black on the other end). This is 20" x 22".

I added circles of coordinating hand dyed fabric to represent the spots of sun shining through the leaves, the quilting enhanced that idea.

I stamped some butterfly designs with gold paint.

Also free motion quilted to give the piece a feeling of movement - like the wind through the leaves. I added some beads by hand when all the stitching was complete.

I also did some spinning -  the bottom skein is merino wool for a scarf, and the top is mohair and wool, I was practicing spinning fine for that one -

and I am pleased with how it turned out.

I finished off the practice pieces for the Craftsy Short Rows class - I can see there are lots of possibilities for short rows in knitting that I never knew, like set in sleeves, knit from the top down.

Up next I have a couple of projects I could work on -

I have everything I need to quilt the log cabin quilt or

some beautiful fibres I ordered from SweetGeorgia just arrived! Tough decisions - life is good!!

Other things around here -

The rabbit seemed pleased to have some grass to eat now that the snow is melting,

and the tulips are coming up (even though they are surrounded by snow, and temperatures are well below normal), so nice to see!

Plus we have a new arrival to the driveway - some other members of my family have a new hobby too - they are super excited!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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