Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Feathers

I am still quilting feathers! Can't seem to get enough!

I wanted to see how this style of feathers and background fill would look on a bigger scale (for the bed sized whole cloth quilt I am planning).

Normally I use a 1/2" size grid for the background, but I used a 1" grid for this one.

This piece is 20" x 42", plain cotton with one layer of cotton batting and a half layer of wool batting on top. I used Invisafil thread on top, and Aurifil thread in the bobbin for the quilting.

I marked all the stems with a Hera marker before quilting.

Once all the feathers were quilted I divided the background.

I marked a 4" 'border' line from the outer edge.

I am using it as a buffet runner in my dining room. We recently painted the main areas of our home - they were 'cool' greens and beige,

this morning

but after six months of seeing snow outside, I wanted 'warm' colours, and chose orange for the dining room and two shades of gold for the rest.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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