Friday, January 18, 2013

FMQ Palm Leaf Design

In December I made this wall hanging -


and a few people asked me how I quilted the palm leaf design shown in the upper right corner, so I thought I would add a tutorial for it. 
The design is one from the amazingly talented Cindy Needham. She uses a stencil for her starting clamshell design, mine is made using a grid. She also calls it Gingko Leaves, but since I already quilt a different Gingko design, I have chosen to call mine Palm Leaves.

The design begins with a clamshell, that is made up of a quarter circle in a grid.

Four of the quarter circles are put together to form the clamshell,
all the clamshells fit together like this - 


The design starts with a grid. I marked a 1/2" grid for this one, using a iron-off marking pen and a ruler. The lines should be at 45° to the grain of the fabric.

Plain Clamshells are stitched as bumpy lines, one row on top of another. Clamshells can be made on various size grids, and additions can be added for embellishment. Anita Shackelford shows some lovely additions to clamshells here.

Close up of the Palm Leaves
Here is a video demonstrating how I stitch the Palm Leaves -

I divided each half of the clamshell with 4 stitched lines, but the number depends on the size of the grid and personal preference.

When stitching the next row, the design is reversed -

Clamshells and Palm Leaves - 

I used regular sewing thread for the stitching on this piece, in a contrasting colour so it would show, usually I use a 100Wt thread in a matching colour so that the design looks better.

I also added beads to the Palm Leaves on the Whole Cloth frame (you don't notice all the backtracking with 100Wt thread).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Joan said...

Wonderful Joanne - I must remember this one - its great!

antique quilter said...

OMG this is just BEAUTIFUL thanks for sharing your technique. I really want to learn how to machine quilt on my Bernina like this...
thanks for the inspiration.

Laura said...

This palm leaf motif looks great all quilted up, thanks for posting this. I'm going to bookmark it to use later, and as usual your quilting is absolutely gorgeous!

OT Quilter said...

Your palm leaf quilting is exquisite!
Thanks for the tutorial; I'm going to try it soon.

Myra said...

Awesome! Thanks for the little tute!

susan said...

Thank you thank you thank you! So easy to understand, and now I'll try it!

Sylke Feldhusen said...

Your quilting is so beautiful!!!

Cathy said...

You do such fantastic quilting. I love your palm leaves. Hugs

Ileanas Lace said...

Palm bladen är helt unik i utseende! Jag tror att det behövs mycket kunskap i ämnet och tålamod för att genomföra en sådan arbete.

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