Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Art Quilt of the Month

Note - If you have come here from FaveQuilts looking for an art quilt pattern, I am sorry - this is just how I made this art quilt and was never intended as a pattern for others to copy. If you are inspired by it, that is wonderful.
I am making one art quilt a month for 2013 and I will bind them all into a "book" at the end of the year. The art quilts of the month can be seen here.

For 2013 I have decided to make a small art quilt every month, and at the end of the year bind them all together into a book.

I have chosen to make the quilts based on something that happened that month. For this month the theme was snow! We have had way too much recently.

I had taken some pictures of birds at the bird feeder during a blizzard,

painted on fabric
fusible web to attach the pieces
thread painting and couching
decorative yarn for couching

I quilted the piece with a very thin polyester batting, and added beads for embellishment.

When the piece was finished I trimmed it to 6.5" x 8.5". Instead of binding I have decided to finish all the quilts like a pillow, with some stiff interfacing on the back piece of fabric.

opening at the side for turning around
the back is a great place for writing
close up of thread painting

The finished piece is 6" x 8". Next time I will add some fusible web to the backing piece so that the layers can be fused together when the piece is turned around. I will add some beads or decorative stitches around the edge when I bind the quilts into a book.

A friend has decided to join me in making art quilts every month. She is planning on trying a new technique(s) every month. Maybe you will consider joining us?

sun dogs
It has been bitterly cold recently - our furnace, front door bell and garage door opener all stopped working - they don't like the cold. Luckily the furnace was repaired quickly, and the others we can live with, it will warm up eventually.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Joanne, that is awesome, great job. Look forward to seeing more.

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Joanne - Fabulous! I LOVE the bird quilt... I'm sending your invite to my sister -- she is so much more "artsy" than me.


Andra Gayle said...

Lovely little bird!

Cathy said...

WOW...I am continually in awe of your talent. Thanks for sharing your process. Hugs

Kindred Quilts said...

A beautiful beginning to your art quilt, Joanne! It will be fun to see your monthly creations!

Needled Mom said...

That is a great idea and the piece is just gorgeous. sounds cold.

Rosa said...

Spectacular.Thansk for sharing your process!!

Auntie Em said...

What a sweet little quilt! The thread painted bird is amazing. You have a wonderful talent. Looking forward to see what the rest of the year brings.

Carrie P. said...

I love your little quilt. What a great idea! I look forward to seeing your monthly quilts.

Quilt Rat said...

fabulous little are off to a great start! Love the idea of a quilt a month and making it into a book. Looking forward to see what you do next!

Joan said...

That has turned out beautifully Joanne - You are so talented. Looking forward to the next one.

John'aLee said...

What a neat idea! And I love that you show the whole process. Very inspiring!

Nezumi said...

Great idea, your art quilt looks excellent, will be checking back next month to see your next quilt :)

blg2240 said...

Thank you so much for the inspiration. I never thought of doing what you have done with that adorable little bird picture. As a lover of all crafts, this will fit with my quilting, embroidery and I'm anxious to give it a try.

Unknown said...

This is a great idea! And the Dino's
Ah bird looks amazing

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