Saturday, August 4, 2012

Striped Tumbler Quilt

I recently finished a striped tumbler quilt for a family friend, and wanted to share my pattern.

The lap quilt is 53" x 67". The fabric is by Kansas Troubles.
It is made with tumblers cut with the GO! 3+1/2" Tumbler die.

I used -

11 fat quarters, and
2 meters (79", but 2 yards would work) of fabric for the stripes and binding

I cut the fat quarters into five 4" strips parallel to the selvage (this minimizes stretching when cutting with the GO!).

I like to lay the strips together and press them, it kind of makes them "stick" together.

I cut the five layers together, the full three tumblers the first pass,

and two with the rest of the strip.

It is actually more than 3, and 2 tumblers since there are 5 layers, but you get the idea. I cut 25 tumblers out of 1 fat quarter (I had both metric and imperial fat quarters, and cut 25 tumblers from both kinds of FQ's) with very little waste.

275 tumblers from the 11 FQ's
I pieced 30 tumblers per row, and joined 3 rows together. I made 3 of these tumbler rows. They are about 9" wide.

I pressed the seams in opposite directions, and spiralled the seams to reduce the bulk at the intersections.

I trimmed the ends of the tumbler rows,

the finished layout of tumblers and stripes
and joined the rows with alternating stripes of fabric, cut 7+1/2" wide, cut parallel with the selvage (so there are no joins in the stripes). I had four 7+1/2" pieces of fabric.  I also cut out the 2+1/2" strips for the binding, parallel with the selvage (I cut 4 strips for the binding, but you might need 5 depending on the amount of fabric you have).

I wanted to make a quilt with lots of room for machine quilting. I quilted large feathers down the stripes and meandered over the tumblers. I think it would have looked better with straight lines over the tumblers to contrast with the feathers - maybe next time. I marked the centre of the feathers with the Hera marker, and quilted it first.

I used wool batting and flannel backing for this quilt.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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