Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Friendship Mini Sampler Quilt Part 6

The last of the blocks today - four 4-Patches.

For each 4 -Patch you will need -
                    from the print -
                              2 - 1+3/4" squares
                    from the background -
                              2 - 1+3/4" squares

I chose all different fabrics, although 3 are the same colour.

These are the four 4-Patches, they should be trimmed to 3" squares.

Tomorrow we will put the blocks together and add the borders.


Marga (MarPie) said...

Again I am at work but tomorrow I am free so I do hope to have it all done in the afternoon. If it is like I think it would be it will be my day picture {the top that is} oohhh I am having fun...THANKS Joanne

Anonymous said...

The last block????? Oh dear, I haven´t even began yet.....:) Maybe this is just one of those "I want to sew it, but have no time" - project. Sorry, I really wanted to sew this miniquilt.
Gun, Sweden

Deanna said...'s off to sew I go! I am really enjoying these little blocks.

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