Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Machine Quilting

I started machine quilting the Thread Head Quilt Along quilt.

I started by quilting with the walking-foot through all the black squares, using black Aurifil thread.

Then on to free motion quilting the blocks with a gold coloured Aurifil thread. I am using a #80 Microtex needle. So far I have quilted 5 blocks (I mean the blocks created by the diamonds of the alternating blocks), so 35 blocks left to quilt. I plan on taking my time - the large quilt is a bit of a brute to wrestle with!

I am using wool batting - notice all the different measurements on the label -




I had quite a lot of interest in the GO!

When I cut out the shapes I rotary cut strips the right size before cutting out the shapes. For the apple core I need strips 5+3/4" wide (on the lengthwise grain). This red fabric is folded to 7½"sections (6 layers thick) - these measurements are smaller than on the die package.

I press down on the fabric to make sure it covers the die blades - you can feel where the blades are and I don't think there is any danger of cutting yourself.

After cutting there is very little waste - there is always a certain amount of waste with unusual shaped blocks.

I cut out all the apple core blocks with the fabric I had. Except for the red, I had ½ meter lengths of fabric (about 21" - 22"), and I was able to cut 21 apple cores from each fabric - 3 apple cores in each length and 7 across the width. The package says that you can cut 24 apple cores from 1 yard of fabric, but I think you could cut 35.

I added a couple of rows of apple cores. I have no idea how big this quilt will be, but it sure is nice to sew. This is definitely a shape I would never have tried without the GO!.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


LiahonaGirl said...

So lovely! I continue to be in awe of your machine quilting ability. And, yes, to do a quilt this size has got to be a challenge.

Thanks for the details on using your GO cutter. I ended up ordering one from Amazon yesterday. I was torn between the full size and the "baby", and went with the smaller one. The only things I could think that the larger one would do that the smaller one couldn't do was cut more strips at a time and cut larger pieces. But I don't think I need to cut pieces bigger than 5 to 6 inches. It should arrive next week, so I'm looking forward to getting to know this new tool!

Linda said...

Wow, you already have a good start on the quilting!! You'll be done before you know it! I love wool batting!! It's by far my favorite.

GerryART said...

Oh, gad. Am I going to have to buy the apple core die now?

Mary L. said...

I have the backing for my Thread Head quilt but haven't started quilting yet. I do have a wool bat here but I'm saving it for one of my big applique quilts I think. So I'll use 80/20 cotton like always.

Joan said...

That is looking fabulous Joanne - I look forward to more... I still have my other fabric to arrive. I have the backing, but waiting on more of the purple for the small squares.. Your FMQ looks great .
Your apple cores are going to look fnatastic!

GailM. said...

Oh man, that' a big quilt t quilt on you ow. But I love the idea of stitching through the chain, then you can do one block at a time... my kind of pace. Funny how inconsistant the quilting numbers are on the package of batting is. I must be careful to alway look.. The apple core is something I always wanted to do. Even just a small one. I'm still trying to win a GO!

JayTee said...

your quilt is beautiful

Scrappy quilter said...

Glad you explained about the Go. C was asking if there was any waste. I'm picking mine up today...I can't wait. The first die I'm buying..the Drunkard's Path. Hugs

Question in regards to quilting the quilt. You said you used your walking foot to go through all the black squares and then used your darning foot for the rest. Doing it this way, do you find it easier than say starting a block in the middle with free motion and working outwards? I was taught, years ago to start in the middle with one block and work outwards so you don't get puckering in the back.

A Plain Path said...

Your quilt is stunning!

Sandra Henderson said...

Beautiful quilt! I have heard many goos things about this Tuscany batting...but never tried it. Im proud of you for quilting it yourself! You should have seen me (wnf
KwDncpdvnqervjqwwdscnn) under my breath, as i was pushing a king through my home machine. I only did stitch in the ditch, then came back and hand quilted around each star,nothing elaborate at all. Gosh, i sure do know how much work this is. Keep on going! You ae amazing!

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