Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Block #20

I can't believe it!! The last block of the quilt-along! I have been waiting to make this design since October.

This is "Dove at the Window", inspired by the Quilt Index. I used EQ7 for the pattern - changed the directions of the HST's of the Bear Paw block.

You will need -

Background -

8 - 2+1/8" squares for the half square triangles (HST)
4 - 4+3/8" x 1+13/16" rectangles

Print A (mine is red) -

1 - 1+13/16" square for the center of the block

Print for the "Doves" -

You can chose to make all the "Doves" with the same fabric, or chose 4 different fabrics, or 2... I used 4 different fabrics in the same colour range.

For each of the four "Doves" you need -

1 - 3+1/16" square
1 - 1+13/16" square
2 - 2+1/8" squares for the half square triangles (HST)

Start by making the HST with the sixteen 2+1/8" squares (8 of the background and 8 of the prints for the "Doves"). (HST - draw a diagonal line, sew ¼" on either side, cut in half on the line, press towards the dark....) Trim the sixteen half square triangles to 1+13/16" square.

Make each of the four "doves" with four HST, the 1+13/16" square and the 3+1/16" square (pay attention to the orientation of the HST).

Trim the "Doves" to a 4+3/8" square.

Sew the "Doves" together with the background rectangles and the print A square as shown.

Trim the block to 9½" square (9" finished).

I made the second one with two different colours.

All the 40 scrappy blocks and the 41 alternating blocks are ready to be sewn together!!

All the rows are numbered,

stacked and

waiting by the machine.

Next week I will post some ideas for borders and show you the border design I chose.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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