Friday, January 14, 2011

More Drunkard's Path and a Winner!

First off, the winner of the Drunkard's Path Mug Rug Kit is Patty!! Congratulations!

Thank-you to everyone who entered!! And for all your kind words!!

There seems to be a general consensus that curves are scary! And before the GO! cutter, definitely something I would never have attempted - love the Baby GO!!!

More DP's cut out today!

I had some leftover FQ's from another project and decided to pair it with some white fabric to make a table runner. It took me less than half an hour to cut out 72 blocks! It will take a lot longer to sew.

I was given this book several years ago, and knew that I would never attempt anything.

Now it has given me all kinds of options for the DP blocks.

Who knew!!

I saw this cartoon, from an add in an old Quiltmaker magazine, yesterday! I am waiting for some other Accuquilt dies to come in! LOL

Yesterday I free motion quilted this little wall hanging that a friend made. It is from a McKenna Ryan pattern - something else I never plan on attempting - so many little pieces. It is the first time that I have quilted something for a non-family member - I hope she is pleased.

We have had lots of snow, so the birds have been going crazy at the feeder (I have been filling it twice a day). There was even four Blue Jays at it earlier and a Woodpecker.

The rabbit came right up to the patio door this morning - looking in! I guess the snow had covered up all the food and she/he wanted more!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Needled Mom said...

Those DP blocks have always sounded like a challenge. I cannot imagine cutting them all out without a GO.

Brr!!! It does look chilly there. That bunny looks cold!

DebbieM said...

So you love your baby GO!. I'm thinking about purchasing one. I haven't tried any type of applique quilting, and I really think I would like doing that. The more peoples blogs I read, the more I think I should just go ahead and get it. Thank you for your input.

Linda said...

Congratulations to Patty! That is going to make a beautiful table runner, Joanne. Yes it might take you a bit longer to make. :-) Your friend is going to love your quilting!!

Cyndi said...

Oh Joanne, I swear your other dies have been in the mail for over a week now, so I hope you get them soon. You'll be a pro at the Drunkard's Path by the time you get them! Guess that's not all bad...

We have lots of snow, too, and that's how my feeders look (and I have 10!). I fill them about twice a day, too. But I don't have any little hungry bunnies stopping by...that's so sweet. I'm happy that you're feeding it, too!



Patty said...

Thanks so much Joanne, I'm looking forward to trying the drunkard's path blocks. Patty :-)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Your quilts are beautiful! Bless you for feeding the freezing little bunny!
Mine need to be happy they live inside. ;)
xx, shell

Joan said...

Congrats to Patty. Looks like you are well on the path to being a bit drunken :) I really love that book...I have cut some blocks of Drunkards Path out with Inklingo, but had some difficulty sewing them on the machine. I must try again some time. Yours look wonderful.

Micki said...

That book looks really good and enjoy your Baby Go!

Maureen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maureen said...

I am only a quilter in my head but dream of doing it some day. I saw this technique for a Drunkards Path demonstrated on Sewing With Nancy. It seems to be a whole lot easier than sewing curved pieces together. I couldn't find the show video clip but I found the technique on this blog. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea. I'm all for taking shortcuts when I can.


Ileanas Lace said...

hej! jag tycker att du är en otroligt duktig kvinna,kan mycket inom patchwork som jag själv är nybörjare i ,senare någon gång i februari ska jag sätta ut på min blogg min första arbete inom området patchwork .Jag måste erkänna att jag beundrar dit jobb och önskar dig got fortsättning!

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