Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Block #12

This week's block is a variation of Goose/Turkey Tracks.

This variation is from the book "Knockout Blocks and Sampler Quilts" by Judy Martin. I chose it because it is called "Breakfast at Tiffany's", a wonderful movie I enjoyed over the Christmas holidays.

This block seems to have lots of pieces, but it went together pretty easily.

You will need-

Background -

4 - 2½" squares (for the corners)
2 - 3¼" squares for the half square triangles (HST)
4 - 1½" x 4½" rectangles

Print A (red) -

2 - 3¼" squares for the half square triangles (HST)
4 - 2+7/8" squares (mine are cut in half, but while sewing I realized that they didn't have to be)
4 - 1+7/8" squares cut in half on the diagonal

Print B (green) -

2 - 2+7/8" squares - cut in half on the diagonal
1 - 1½" square for the center

Print C (blue) -

4 - 1½" squares

With the 3¼" squares (two background and two print A) make four HST (mark a diagonal line on the back a square and sew ¼" on either side, cut on the line, press open). They should be trimmed to 2+7/8" squares.

When trimming any of the units, match the diagonal line on the ruler with the diagonal seam, to keep the proportions of the unit. There is lots of trimming in this block.

This is were I realized that the 2+7/8" squares didn't need to be cut in half. You can sew this unit the same way as making HST (with a HST and a print A square)

Because I had cut the 2+7/8" squares in half, I cut the HST in half and stitched them to the print A triangles. Make 8 of these units (they should be 2½" squares when finished).

With the four 1½" print C squares and the 8 small print A triangles (made from the 1+7/8" squares) make these pieced triangles. Sew them to the four print B triangles (made from the 2+7/8" squares). These four units should also measure 2½" square.

The units are ready to be sewn into these four-patches - using the 2½" background square, two of the HST variation units and one of the square/triangle units.

There will be four of these units (trimmed to be 4½" squares).

Now everything is ready to be sewn together, in a regular nine-patch method.

Trim the block to a 9½" square.

Here are some options for the block from the book, I chose the one on the right for my second one.

Sorry about using less pictures/instructions for this one, hopefully it all makes sense.

Joan has finished all of her alternating blocks!!!! Way to go Joan!!

I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's blocks!!! Thanks for sharing on your blogs and Flickr. And for all your kind comments, as well as spreading the word! Thanks!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Terri said...

I know you are right about the name of the pattern, but it looks like a flower to me. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

You are doing such a terrfic job with this quilt along. Someday I'm going to surprise you and complete one block♥

I hopped over to Joan's and her quilt is beautiful, even if it isn't completely done yet.


Linda said...

Block is very pretty. That quilt is going to be gorgeous. I've been watching Joan's progress and it's beautiful.

Joan said...

Oh my gosh Joanne!! that does look like a challenge. I am off to do some quilting...still havnt got to the EQ7 lessons yet :( Next one is due tomorrow...

Wendy said...

Love that block!!! I may have to make one or two of those.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I am soooooo far behind. I love the look of this block and can't wait to make it.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

That is a LOT of pieces - but what a CUTE block!

Deb said...

just found you and love what you are doing will have to see what I can do thanks so much for the great tutorial

Scrappy quilter said...

I loved this block. Finished 2 of them. Now on to 13. Hugs

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