Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today has been a rainy day, so it has been great for working inside!

I finished machine quilting the main part of the little Schnibbles quilt. I think I will do some feathers in the border.

I used two different quilting designs in the four patches. The one in the stars is an idea from Ferret Fabrications, from her Holiday Starrfire quilting video on her blog. The design in the plain four patch is what I think is the design in the book. I felt that since the four patch and triangle designs were so angular that I needed something softer for the background. I used a standard meander design for it. All free hand on my home sewing machine. I might pencil in the center of the feathers in the border to try to make it even. Might!! Rarely do I draw a design first! I'll see how I feel when I get started.

These flowers are one of my favorite - must have - flowers! They are Night Scented Stocks. They close during the day and open up in the evening, and give off the best scent! I usually plant them near windows and doors so the smell can come in the house. They are great to add to cut flowers too. I usually combine these in pots with other flowers, since they can be a bit straggly looking.

Don't forget the contest too.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping in!!


SheilaC said...

Your quilting is looking great!

And I love the pics of your flowers :)


Cyndi said...

Joanne, I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again...that little Schnibble quilt is so pretty. I just love those soft, pastel colors. And your quilting is beautiful!!!

I used to plant stocks all the time, but I've never seen the night blooming variety. I have planted a lot of Four O'Clocks - which open around 4:00 and stay open throughout the evening and close in the morning... and they too have a nice scent. That stock is a lovely little flower!



Josh said...

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Karen said...

Your quilt is so beautiful. I love the outer border that you chose; it ties so nicely with the deep pink in the center star. I so love Aviary's a favorite of mine.

Anonymous said...

Once again a beautiful quilt and quilting. You certainly are gifted. Glad you stopped by(been so busy importing/exporting blogs...crazy) that I didn't see your contest.


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