Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh No!!

Yesterday I cut out all the fabric for the Schnibbles quilt I am making.

Today (after sewing the start of the flying geese blocks and cutting them in half) I discovered that I cut the wrong size fabric!! Should be 4¼" squares and I cut 4½" squares!!

Now I am in the process of unpicking and resewing the triangles!!
The first step in the four patch block is sewn. Needs to be cut to 2" strips.
I must admit I was enjoying making my first Schnibbles! I can see why so many people are making them. My only excuse for the error is that I have a cold!! LOL

No flower pictures today, just some beautiful lettuce (romaine, red leaf, mesclun mix, buttercrunch..) -

and my favorite - red oak leaf lettuce -

We have had lots of rain and sun, the garden is taking off!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Cyndi said...

Oh Joanne, I thought I was the only one that did things like that! So sorry you had to unpick the triangles!

Your lettuces are beautiful! I love Romaine and Buttercrunch lettuce...yum!

If you are getting hooked on Schnibbles now, pop on over to my blog...I'm giving away three different ones in my July give away!



Ivory Spring said...


Sorry to hear about your mishap in cutting your fabrics... at least you cut the squares bigger than smaller. You just have to trim them instead of stashing them away for possible future use. I have done that so often myself...

WOW - your lettuce is impressive looking!

Jen said...

At least you cut them too big! If they were too small then they would have to go into the scrap bin. I admit, I do that all the time ;)

Sandra Henderson said...

Well, I'm glad you cut it too big instead of too small... :)
Hate it when that happens, but it does happen.
Love the fabrics! Oh what gorgeous lettuce! YUMMY! :)
Too hot here now for lettuce. Too bitter. Yours is so amazing! XO

Wendy said...

I've had to do that a time or two, too. Not fun. But at least you can sit outside and unpick at the same time.

Lovely lettuce.

SheilaC said...

I just did the same thing this past week!!
I had to cut out different blocks, but luckily I had the fabric to do it. And I will use the too-small blocks in something else :)


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