Friday, July 9, 2010

Mistake Fixed!

I finished all the flying geese blocks that I had made a mistake on!! Yipee!!

Now the little Schnibbles is all ready to be sewn together.
I am surprised at the dark pink fabric in the center star, it is such a contrast to the other pastel colours. I put it in the center so that the quilt wouldn't look off balanced. It is a beautiful colour in real life, it just seems odd with the other fabrics in the line.

Now for pictures of my garden.

I love the sound the water makes on the onions when I water them!

Impatiens - one of my favorites

Some pots (and an old rototiller and bird bath)

I came upon this little robin when I was watering - he sat there for hours - poor thing!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!

I forgot to mention that Michelle (a fellow Manitoban) has entered an online patriotic quilt contest, she is the only Canadian in a sea of Americans to have entered - maybe our fellow Canadians can show her some support and vote for her quilt?


SheilaC said...

oh that poor little robin, was he just a fledging??
Hope he found a cool place to spend the night.

Your quilt looks great!!!


Wendy said...

Pool little fellow. Looks like a baby, though. Hope he's okay. I like the darker star in the middle.

Voted for Michelle.

Deanna said...

Maybe it won't stand out so much if you put a dark border/binding on the quilt. It looks good to me. Sort of a surprise included free of charge.

Sandra Henderson said...

Gorgeous garden!~the little Robin will be fine, I'm sure. What great photos!
Love your quilt, it's comign together nicely. Great pattern and fabrics. You are busy! XO

Cyndi said...

Love how your Schnibbles is turning out and I especially love how that one darker pink block ended up in the pretty!

Your garden is really growing...I love veggie gardens; they add so much interest (not to mention good things to eat!) to a yard!

And I'm pretty sure that baby robin is old enough and has fledged. They just always have such a sad look on their little faces, don't they?



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