Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Romanian Point Lace

Filled in another triangle on the fruit table runner for today's FMQC.

I have also been working on a piece of Romanian Point Lace that I have on the go. It is a type of lace made with a crotchet braid.

These are some of the flowers I have been working on.

I need 16 more of these.

They then get tacked on to a piece of fabric that is covered in plastic that has the pattern traced on it. It is 27" in diameter.

More braid and filler stitches are added. All the work is done on the wrong side of the piece of lace. Once all the work is completed the lace is removed from the pattern.

Hopefully one day it will look like this!!

This is the first piece I made last year. It was pretty easy so I wanted to try another one. The one I am working on will take me a while!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!
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