Sunday, July 7, 2024

Week 27 of 2024

This week I sewed a sundress-
It is the same as one I made last year (a combination of two different Lutterloh patterns). This one is from a rayon fabric given to me by a friend clearing out her stash.
I finished the skein of yarn I was spinning last week for Tour de Fleece. A blend for socks.

Works in Progress-
Temperature blanket (over half way now).
I finished the little "mountain" scene along the bottom!

Photos from Around-
Lots of aerial spraying in the area because of all the water in the fields (this one started just after 5am spraying across the highway - amazing skill!).
Molly in the long grass (canola field in bloom across the road).
The perennial flower beds are really starting to bloom.
Nine heads down, eating a treat of cracked corn.
Greta came and sat with me while I was taking a break with the chickens - she is one of the friendliest and usually comes over to be petted (after I took this photo, she walked up and snuggled by my neck - I don't think I can ever eat chicken again!).
Nine weeks old now.

All the best!♥︎

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