Sunday, June 9, 2024

Week 23 of 2024

I sewed another bra this week because I wanted to make sure I had how to sew a bra firmly in my mind, so that I wouldn't have to refer to the Craftsy class all the time.
I tweaked the pattern again, and I think now it is just right for me.
The pattern is a mash up of the Maya Bra from AFIAterlier, and the Classic Bra from Bra-Makers Supply (demonstrated in the Craftsy class). The kit for this is also from Bra-Makers Supply, not the one I originally order, but this one is very nice.
Bras don't take long to sew - all the seams are short, but most seams are stitched a few times. This bobbin was full of when I started sewing (I think it is a 70 weight thread, finer than regular sewing thread).

Works in Progress -

Temperature Blanket
Cross Stitch

Photos from Around - 

The chicks are almost 5 weeks now.
In the front row are the three kinds of chickens we have.
They are still living inside, but go outside for short times.
We had more rain this week.
But also some amazing clouds.
Both big girls.
The garden is drying up - the weeds are doing well with all the rain, but I should be able to start planting.
The perennial gardens are doing great.
We were able to mow the grass today, and I started planting flowers.

All the best!♥︎

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