Sunday, April 14, 2024

Week 15 of 2024

Mainly knitting this week, but I did press and trim more of the blocks that at sew at a monthly makers get together -

Now there are 54 Broken Dishes blocks (I need 218 total now because I decided to make a smaller quilt).
I finished spinning the fibre batt that I made from a local wool and our dog's fur.
79g of worsted weight tweed Chiengora yarn.
And knit a hat with it - a very quick knit. This one is for my son - Molly is his dog.
I am amazed how soft the yarn turned out, and the hat has a lovely halo.
I finished knitting a pair of handspun socks.
A warm week last week.

Photos from Around- 

The snow has just about all melted, and the pets are so happy rolling around on the dry grass.
We had a nice view of the solar eclipse this week (just partial for us, but at least the clouds were clear enough to see it).
Miss Maggie in a nest.
Miss Molly found a big stick (we had high winds that blew some dead trees over).
Just visible, but there are a few flocks of Tundra Swans in the photo.
We usually see more geese than swans, I don't know why it is different this year.
Both ponds have pairs of Mallards on them - hopefully they will stay (last summer was the first year Mallards nested on both ponds).

All the best!♥︎

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