Sunday, March 12, 2023

Having Fun! & My 1000th Post!

I finished a few things recently.

This quilt is the Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery Quilt 2021 (all the patterns are still on the blog).
I finished all the blocks in the summer of 2021 and put it all away (busy with outside activities at the time). I finally pulled it out to sew the blocks together, and was pleasantly surprised that 2021 me had even stacked and labeled all the blocks ready be sewn!
I quilted an 'organic' feather design around the border, echoed it on one side, for the star in the centre I quilted 1/4" from the seam lines, and then quilted a meander to fill in the rest of the quilt.
The batting is wool. I used Connecting Threads Essential Pro for the machine quilting (top and bobbin).
It was the first time I quilted the border before quilting the centre, and it was just fine.
For this next project I used little scraps - squares cut 1+1/4".
I used the walking foot to quilt it (with a thin layer of cotton batting).
Started by adding a few rows of the decorative stitch that looks like hand quilting (invisible thread in the top, that pulls up the bobbin thread every few stitches), then the rest of the rows were stitched with Invisafil 100wt thread. I washed and machine dried the little quilt because I wanted it to look like an old quilt that had been cut up (without cutting up an old quilt).
I made a chair pad for a small chair that is a perfect size for my old Raggedy Ann doll to sit.
I used to cover my sewing machine with a small quilt, but now my sewing machine has a cone holder attached on the back, so I had to make a little quilt cover with a cut out.
Once again this one was made with pieces from the scrap bin.
For fun I tried out different free motion quilting designs.
I also made a little pincushion using an old canning jar lid (a "Gem" size) and tiny hexagons (link - I used a website to print off the size of hexagon paper I needed - 0.6" for this one). The pincushion is filled with crushed walnuts (when you buy a bag of lizard litter at the pet store it fills lots of pincushions!).
I finished weaving another table runner. A simple overshot pattern with commercial yarn for the warp and plain weave weft, and some handspun wool for the pattern weft.
I knit another Sophie Scarf - this time out of commercial yarn.
Plus I finished spinning some more flax (maybe now it is linen?).
This one is really fine - thread, for weaving.
I think Molly must wonder why Maggie doesn't play ball with her, she always tries to share it with Maggie. Molly is wearing her Sophie Scarf.

 All the best!♥︎

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