Monday, June 13, 2022

A New Flimsy

I finished sewing all the half square triangle blocks (625 total) for the new quilt-

I laid the blocks out randomly. Once I started switching a few around and quickly realized that there would always be similar fabrics close together, so just left them as is.
I stacked the blocks to sew into strips.
The blocks are 4" finished (4+1/2" trimmed), with a 25x25 block layout.
All the pieces are now sewn together (just waiting for batting and backing).

I also finished stitching the little cross stitch picture -

I laced it on to a piece of cardboard to hang on the wall.

Photos from around -

A few mornings ago so many Canada geese were flying north.
A few turned around to land on the pond (I guess they needed a break).
I am so pleased that the vegetable garden dried out enough to be planted by the end of last week.

Caught Miss Maggie mid yawn - she has the greatest whiskers.
Of course Miss Molly looks so pretty too.

 All the best!♥︎


Sharon Kwilter said...

That's a lot of HSTs. Good job. Did you cut them out with your AccuQuilt cutter? I'm still thinking about buying one.

Unknown said...

Love your scrappy goodness in your quilt. How big are your half square triangles? Like you, sometimes I just have to go with what I have and stop rearranging. Nancy A:

PaintedThread said...

Lots of pieces in that quilt. I like the cross stitch, too. Wow - that garden! I love how black your soil is. I imagine you have happy plants!

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