Saturday, March 21, 2020

Keep Going

I don't need to be told twice to stay home. I am happy at home. I can always find lots to do (and I have plenty of crafting supplies!). I can't wait to have a place to sew again. The basement renovations are coming along nicely, and I will end up with a wonderful space.

I am making the crafts that I can do last as long as possible.

Weaving tea towels is going well, I am about half way done.

I learned a new type of knitting - twined knitting.

I am knitting a pair of mittens with yarn that I spun specifically for this - it is spun in the opposite direction to my normal spinning. Twined knitting needs yarn spun with a Z twist. This is natural coloured wool from a local farmer, that I processed (the red is a leftover bit of handspun from fleece from the same farm).

inside the mitten
Twined knitting uses both ends of the ball of yarn, alternating every stitch, and the wool is twisted every stitch - there is a lot of time spent untwisting, so it is a slow process. These should be very warm mittens.

This one breaks my heart a little - I took apart a vest that I finished last summer. I didn't wear it - it made me feel like Fred Flintstone. When I was knitting it it seemed to take forever, and it took a long time to take apart - there is so much yarn in it. It is merino that I had dyed, blended and spun - too good to just sit unused.

It is all washed and ready for the next project.

I started some pepper and tomato seeds this week. It might still be -20ºC when we go for walks in the morning, but summer is sure to come!

My family is thrilled that I have been baking more recently.

Today I made some pies - butterscotch, and lemon.

I tried out my new pastry cutter (I have used it to mash bananas before).

It worked really well. I hope it lasts longer than the ones I had before.

It worked well to make egg salad too.

Sunrise photos from this past week  (the colours amaze me) -

Molly has yet to master 'drop it'.
She is learning that the cat is in charge when we go for walks.

All the best!♥︎


Maria said...

Great to see you are keeping busy with all your crafts..
Love seeing the snow pics..

Sharon Kwilter said...

I love your weaving and spinning. I'd love to learn how to do both those activities, but for now, I'll settle for living vicariously through your blog posts. That rust yarn you made is really beautiful.

PaintedThread said...

Your pies look delicious. So much easier to use a good pastry blender than a whimpy one! What a bummer to pull apart that vest - the pattern was so pretty.

Sue SA said...

Love the colour of your yarn, but such a pity that you have to unravel this item. Still it is better that you can reuse it it for something you will wear. Good luck with the social isolating, I think mixing it up like baking and exercising is all a great idea.

QuiltGranma said...

Beautiful, all just beautiful! That masher would be good for making guacamole too. Wish I was at YOUR house, with all those lovely baked goods!

Cheryll said...

Love the colour of your "unpicked" wool...& look forward to seeing it come to life again. Unusual masher but glad it works.
Stay away and stay safe...xox

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