Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Another Ashton

I don't really know how the weeks are passing so fast! Summer is almost over. 
I have been starting new knitting projects and then taking them apart (I always find it hard to settle on a new project when I finish a large one - and I finished two recently), plus doing lots of canning (the garden has been very productive).

I did finish sewing another Ashton Top-

This time following the tulip back hack on the Helen's Closet blog -

I used some fabric from a stash I inherited, I think it is a cotton/poly blend. It was fun to make, but definitely sticks out in the front more than the regular top (on the Helen's Closet blog she says that the top is more a-line in the front view with this hack). It has been fun experimenting with this pattern, it is great practice.

Photos from around-

Birds enjoying a bath in the heat-

A bird's nest beautifully woven in the bullrushes (I think it might be a Redwing Blackbird)-

 Sunflowers in the ditch-

A flock of Canada Geese in a harvested field-

The cat staring at her empty food dish (this happens a lot)-

All the best!♥︎
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