Monday, July 2, 2018

So Much Sewing

This past week has been a great week for sewing -

Three quilt along blocks and,

two cardigans!

This first block is the June block of the month, Madame's Star, for the Antebellum Album from Civil War Quilts (a 12" block).

The Moda Blockhead block #4, Roman Cross (another 12" block).

Last, but not least, this past week's 1880 Sampler Sew Along block from Temecula Quilt Company (a 4" block). 
I put more thought into fabric choices this week and tried using fabrics I am not too comfortable with - strong directional, stripes, and large scale prints. I am really pleased with how they turned out.

The cardigans I made were from another pattern from Helen's Closet - this time the Blackwood Cardigan. Like the dresses from last week, this was another super easy, well explained pattern.

The first one was made with a very light weight, stretchy rayon. I ended up cutting about 4" off in the length because it stretched so much. All the sewing for both of the cardigans was with a serger.

This one I made with a scrap of fabric from about 30 years ago! I just wanted to try the pattern again, it was so nice to sew. This one only took about an hour to make. The fabric is a light weight cotton/lycra (?), very stretchy too, but easier to sew.  It is the length that it is because I used all the fabric I had.

Both are size large, because I wanted to be able to wear them over t-shirts (there is a post for choosing sizes here). The only changes I made for both was with the length - both are view A, and I omitted the pockets and top stitching because I thought that the fabric would ripple too much.
There is a blog post showing a round up of the testers cardigans here. I know I will be making this cardigan again.

Lots of sun and rain, and the garden is really growing.
All the best!♥︎
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