Monday, January 15, 2018

Crochet Scissor Case

This week I made a little scissor case.

I was pleased to follow a crochet chart for this. It did take a couple of time to figure out the rows, luckily it is just small - the chart was different from the well explained Craftsy class pattern.

It was also the first time that I have crocheted around fabric - this is felt so it was easy to poke holes into.

The weaving that I started last week is progressing nicely, I've woven over 1m so far. It is nice to have something on the loom that I go just go work on when I have 5 minutes.

One of the Craftsy classes that I watched recently was 'Fabric Play: Sewing Mojo Minis' with Suzy Williams which inspired me to start the follow project -

So far I pieced a stylized log cabin block, painted fabric, added free motion embroidery with the sewing machine, and hand embroidery. I'll keep adding hand embroidery and embellishments.

Another Craftsy class I watched was 'Quick & Delicious Meals using a Vitamix Blender' with Nicki Sizemore, and I made a jar of  peanut butter!

All the best!♥︎

1 comment:

GailM. said...

OMG, I can't believe all the 2018 finishes you've done. Good on you girl. I'm amazed at all the dyeing, weaving etc that you are doing. Just where do you find the time. I'm impressed!!

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