Friday, January 29, 2016

Making Blocks

These are the blocks I pieced this week!

This week's 365 Challenge blocks - 3" blocks. Still lots of fun to sew (I am a bit surprised that I am still making them, I have done twice as many as I originally thought I would).

This week's Circa 2016 blocks (12 Nine Patches) - 2+1/4" blocks.

Plus this week was the start of the Westering Women BOM. This is a 12" block - it was so nice to work with big pieces of fabric for a change.

These are the 9 Pineapple blocks I made this week. I also figured out that I cut 2,597 pieces for this quilt (53 pieces per block, and 49 blocks total), so only 2,120 pieces left to sew! These are 14" blocks.

I also did some knitting this week -

The Lintilla I am working on is progressing nicely.

I started another Moebius knitting project. This pattern is Knitting in Nature Beaded Moebius (I am knitting it without beads). I am pleased to be using up some left over hand spun yarn.

This week I also finished spinning some yarn - some Polwarth wool that I dyed and spun as a gradient from light pink to dark purple.

It started out as this fibre. My plan is to used it to knit a stranded colour work hat, with some black yarn.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


PaintedThread said...

I thought 21 pieces in a block was a lot. Oof! 53? They look beautiful. Your little blocks are cute. And I love the colors in your knitting. You've been busy!

Gayle said...

WOW! A super productive week for you!

zenuwpees said...

Les block et tricot sont super bon dimanche Marie-Claire

Sue said...

Love all your blocks, but the pineapple blocks have me swooning!

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