Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Little Knits

I recently bought this book, '50 yards of Fun' by Rebecca Danger (from the Book Depository). I have so many little bits of hand spun yarn, and I thought this would be a nice way to use them up. The book has lots of cute patterns, but with the basic concepts it is very easy to mix, match or modify to make your own creations.

This is my first 'little monster' - using the 'Basic Peanut Body' pattern and some hand spun leftover from a hat I made last year.

For this rabbit I used the 'Basic Bowling Pin Body' pattern with some modifications to the 'Bantam Bunny' pattern for the ears, arms and legs. The grey is a blend of merino and alpaca and has a nice fuzzy look.

They are both only a couple of inches, and were quick and fun to make. All knit in the round using the Magic Loop Method, with picked up stitches for arms etc, so no attaching pieces later.

I finished spinning the second skein of merino and silk lace weight yarn last week.
The singles-

and plied together -

400m, 52grams of lace weight yarn.

The two skeins so far (2 more to spin).

The cable socks are coming along nicely too.

My husband has been doing some welding for me. We created some 'found object sculptures' -

A duck made from a shovel and rake, with a "Bobcat" tooth for a beak, and some nuts for eyes.

A bird bath stand from old motorcycle gears, and a wrench I found last week on a walk. The bird bath is a piece of pottery I made almost 20 years ago!

The Goldfinches are back.
Coming back from hunting for rabbits!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!♥ 
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