Friday, May 1, 2015

A Weeks Worth

Last week there was an update for my Mac computer and I ended up with the new 'Photo' for my pictures, and it doesn't allow photos to be edited with other apps, so all week I have been trying to figure out how to resize my pictures to add them to my blog (I refuse to pay blogger for storage space). There really wasn't much information out there, which surprised me - I couldn't have been the only one with this problem! I ended up finding a simple fix - drag the photo to the desktop and then drag them to the app (I found the solution here). So now I have a weeks worth of photos to show.

Last week I spun some fibre (super wash merino and nylon blend) that I had dyed (twice - you can see remnants of the original dye job in this photo - spots of green and pink, it didn't turn out like I thought, so I overdyed it shades of purple). I divided the fibre into 3 for 3 ply yarn.

one smaller section before predrafting

I also divided each section into smaller sections (4 or 5) and predrafted it.

The above photo is after predrafting and you can see that it blended the colours more (it also made sure that the fibre was easier to spin, since I had dyed it twice).

 I spun it a bit thicker than my last attempt at spinning for socks.

the three bobbins ready for plying

The finished skein - 96g, ~360m, fingering weight yarn. This one should work for socks!

Last weekend my husband made me a stand for my table loom.  Now I can use my feet to operate the loom - it is so much easier! We got the idea for the stand from Daisy Hill Weaving Studio (link found here). My loom was a bit bigger, so we just modified the measurements..

Of course I had to try it out, and gathered leftover yarn from various projects (all my hand spun, I didn't end up needing the gray yarn).

The warp is all from fibre that I dyed, but the weft was from fibre that was commercially dyed. Mostly Merino wool, with some silk and Polwarth wool.

I was able to quickly make a scarf.

It came out so soft! More information for the weaving can be found here.

I have been free motion quilting too (plus I did some teaching this week, and another class tomorrow!)

The little red squirrel has been cleaning out the feeder.
 Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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