Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Hand Spun Sweater

When I started spinning last year, I never imagined that I would spin enough to make a sweater - well I found a pattern that only needed a small amount of yarn!

The pattern (really a 'recipe') is 'Sassymetrical' by Gay Schiff, available for free on her blog.

This is how the sweater started-

Over 200 grams of 50% Merino/25% Bamboo/25% Silk fibre from SweetGeorgia Yarns - it was the February 2014 Fibre Club selection, inspired by the Pantone colour of the year 'Radiant Orchid'.

It was a dream to spin.

I spun a 2 ply yarn, in about a fingering/sport weight. 

The sweater is knit from the top down, so I was able to try it on I knitted and use all the yarn to make it a nice length.
Here is the link for my project page on Ravelry if you are interested in more details on how I made the sweater.

This was a really fun project to make!

I had to add a picture of my favourite backyard visitor.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Sharon E said...

It's beautiful. You must have received alot of satisfaction when you completed the sweater. Thanks for the link to the pattern and your Ravelry page. I will be making this sweater!

zenuwpees said...

Le gillet et la laine sont beau Marie-Claire

Raewyn said...

Gorgeous - such a cool pattern Joanne - I love the colour of the yarn too.I think I may almost be tempted to give it a try!!!

Sunna Reyr said...

Hi there, long time no see, I just had a run through your blog to catch up and was shocked when I realized it's been over a year since I last came by.

Your blog is as always so inspirational. I can't knit any more, but love to see what people are coming up with.

Your whole cloth quilt is awesome, congratulation on a gorgeous finish and thank you for sharing your crafts with your readers.

Me and My Stitches said...

I know nothing about knitting, but I sure do appreciate the results! Just beautiful, from start to finish!

Kindred Quilts said...

I'm not a knitter but an admirer of such beauties as your sweater!. I love the neckline and the overlap with the single button... just lovely!

Lucy said...

Ooh this sweater is gorgeous. Maybe eI will knit this too. You made great projects Joanne!

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