Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hop to It Block and Pinterest

I finished up another Hop to It block. This is block #1 - Rose Hip Heart. This one had 43 pieces, but whose counting!

Onto some other business (I usually try not to have too much writing on my blog, but sometimes I need to) -

Have you discovered Pinterest?

I found out about it when a friend noticed that it was a referring site on her blog. I then noticed that it was also a referring site on my blog (check your blog stats to see). Even though we ask people to ask permission before using our pictures it doesn't seem to matter. Apparently when you put things out in a public space, they are free for any one to use. Pinterest does link your pictures to your site - which is good.

I do really enjoy Pinterest (although it is a huge time waster), and I see the benefits. It is all pictures (and videos), which are fun, and you can have your own "pin boards" so you can keep track of things that you have seen on the web.

To check to see if your pictures are on Pinterest type in blog address/ to  the address bar (mine looks like this - ).

Pinterest (and another reason) are why I make sure my pictures have watermarks on them now. I have a Mac, and use the app - Image Bucket (which only cost a few dollars and is extremely easy to use).

That's finished!

Last nights full moon,

and how it looked this morning.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Nancy said...

I'd love to join Pinterest, but it seems you need to be on Twitter or Facebook to even log-in. Is that correct?

Raewyn said...

love your 43 piece HTI block!!! Why did you have to tell us there were 43 pieces!! GRIN.(Nearly finished my previous one.) Interesting what you say about pininterest but I am scared that even if I go to have a little peek I may get carried away - how will I catch up with my HTI then?!(Sorry about the rambling comment!)

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...


Love the Hop to it Block ! Haven't been out to Pininterest yet... should probably check it out... just found the time to start my own blog this year!

As always -- appreciate your putting your time and tutorials and wonderful quilting pictures out for us to enjoy.


Jill said...

Good information to know about pictures. A watermark is a great thing. Thanks!

YankeeQuilter said...

Thanks for the heads up on the photos...was surprised to see how many were there from my blog. Guess I should find out about watermarks...

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Thanks for the info on Pinterest. I have a page but didn't realize so many of my photos were going other places. I was surprised at how many photos I've forgotten to watermark.
Absolutely gorgeous block. I love the background fabric you used, Joanne.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I was irritated with a guild who wanted to make everything I was quilting. You see, I moved overseas having moved away from working in a quilt shop. The internet and blogging weren't like it is now where we can see NEW all the time. This guild LOVED my everything! In fact, it was a first for them to see civil war repros too! One of my quilts was put into a German patchwork mag. I was delighted but was so tired of them copying. THEN one day when I was telling the guildI president how I felt she was so sweet to tell me that on the other hand I should be delighted that they LOVE my quilting that much. I guess what I am getting at is you could consider being repinned on Pinterest as a honor that your photos are liked that much. Pinterest draws us blogging. Set a timer...I know I lose track of time if I dont..

Joan said...

OK - Now I am WAY behind on my HTI blocks. I really want to finish my WHC. Sadly I have joined Pinerest too...and yes - WHAT a time waster... Hope to chat with you soon - FNSI on 17th I think.;

LuAnn said...

What great info about pinterest. Guess I am going to have to sign on. I had no idea I had been pinned so many times. Love the Hop to It block.

Barb said...

Love your lunar shots!
your block looks great and thanks of the heads up on paint buck. I've been lazy about watermarking, but heard recently that some of my quilts are on interest with no credit :(
happy friday

Anonymous said...

Not into "pinning" as blogging takes a lot of time as it is, but about the watermarks. Can't they be removed by "cropping" the photo? And just how can Pinterest get away without respecting someone's or not? What about Copyscape?? I think it won't allow anyone to copy from your blog?

blessings, jilly

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