Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Drawstring Bag Tutorial

I made this little bag to hold some tatting for the trip. I have to keep my hands busy and tatting is the smallest thing I could take. It is 6" x 4", and just two layers of fabric. I didn't add interfacing or batting (or diaper flannel - my favorite for bags), because I wanted a very lightweight bag.

I cut two rectangles of fabric with the lining a couple of inches longer the the main fabric (the squares on the board are 1", if you want to make it the same size). The extra inches of the lining will make a contrasting ruffle at the top of the bag. Add more inches if you want a bigger ruffle.

I sewed the two short ends together - lining to main fabric, making a wide tube. Press the seam allowances towards the lining.

Matching seams, right sides together, pin the sides of the bag. If you click on the picture, you should see where I placed pins to show where to leave openings. Sew the sides leaving openings of either side, just below the seam on the main fabric side (this will be openings for the cord casing). Also leave another opening on one side of the lining - this is to turn the bag around when sewn.

Sew the side, paying attention to the openings.

Turn the bag around and stitch up the opening. I just did this with the machine since it is on the inside of the bag.

Tuck the lining into the bag, until the inside corners are nice and even, and the bag is smooth. Iron the top ruffle of the bag, pressing the seam allowances open where the casing will be. This picture shows the ruffle and the opening for the casing.

Make the casing by top stitching two rows. The first is in the ditch between the two fabrics. The other should be wide enough to fit the cords/ribbons you will use. (Don't ask me how I know this!!! The bag took about 10 minutes to make, but trying to fit various cords/ribbons that would work properly took about an hour!)

I stitched across the corners on the inside of the bag to make a bottom for the bag, and to hold the lining in place.

The final bag. I opted for a handles on either side of the bag (to make closing easier), if you just want a single cord you will only need to leave an opening on one side.

This is the tatting I have been working on.

Update February 11th, 2015 - 

I made a larger version of the bag - measurements can be found here.
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