Monday, February 10, 2020

Handspun Pullover

I finished knitting a sweater - well really a tunic.

I starting knitting this at the beginning of last September (I was surprised by that when I was updating the Ravelry project page).

It came out longer than I expected (I guess it stretched during blocking), but I am really happy with the length. I had lots of yarn leftover. The sweater weighs 378g.

That's one of my OMG projects finished this month, and an OPAM finish.

The yarn for the sweater started like this-

 It was a whole fleece from a local farmer, that I cleaned, combed and dyed.

I then drum carded the fibre to blend the colours. The two different colours are for the two different plies of the finished yarn.

I ended up with 553g and 2010 yards of yarn.

A close up of the sweater.

I have another little finish.

A very little needle felted mouse - it is under 2" tall. I got side tracked while making something else for later in the week.

Photos from around -

 Sparkly frost on the ground yesterday morning.
 Molly and her favourite tug toy.
 Such sparkly snow.

All the best!♥︎


Cheryll said...

Your knitted tunic looks great and perfect for the weather you are experiencing at the moment...xox

QuiltGram said...

The sweater is beautiful. It’s so nice to have knit a sweater for yourself. I used to knit before I started quilting. Now, all of mine are store bought. Love the idea that you know how to blend the two yarns together.

PaintedThread said...

Love that tunic! It's a great length. And what a cute little mouse. :-)

Sue SA said...

Great jumper for winter weather, nothing warmer then real wool. I love the little felted mouse, very sweet.

Maria said...

Fabulous sweater but your tiny mouse is just gorgeous.....

Terri said...

Love the sweater! And that little mouse is adorable! And Molly is getting so big! She's beautiful! I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures from around where you live :-)

QuiltGranma said...

And you knit too! That is a skill I could never get my brain around. Mother was good at it, soothing she said. Plus you cleaned colored and carded then twisted your own yarn. Beautiful!

QuiltGranma said...

Oh, and you must have been remembering the Taylor of Glouster... with the darling little mouse!

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