Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Late Blooms

This past week involved more canning of apple products, and house renovations - both are nearing the end for this year!

I did dye up some fibre and yarn for a 'spin your most precious fibre' challenge on Ravelry. The yarn is silk gima - a ribbon type yarn, and the fibre is a silk and linen blend - both were purchased last year  from the Silk Weaving Studio in Vancouver.

They came out exactly how I had hoped (I was a bit worried about dyeing them because I find that blended colours tend to split on silk). I dyed them with Jacquard Acid dyes in the colour ways Sun Yellow with a bit of Jet Black (to make the khaki green), Pink, Lilac and a bit of Grey over the whole thing to tone it all down. The plan is to make a shawl with the two yarns.

The gray sweater is progressing nicely.

Fall is around the corner (it was 3ºC the other night!), and lots of flowers have started blooming-
Cornflower blooming again
Big Bluestem - a prairie grass
This is a perennial from here that I didn't know what it is until it started to bloom - an Obedient Plant.
This plant is a perennial from here that I still can't figure out what it is (the last one) - it is kind of like a mint (square-ish stem, serrated leaves on alternating on opposite sides of the stem...), but it doesn't smell. I was hoping that it would bloom so I could figure it out. In the spring I moved perennials from an overgrown, weedy flower bed, so maybe it is a weed (I moved plants that had dug-out sections next to them, assuming the previous owners only took some of the good plants. It has been fun trying to figure them out - there is a great selection of 'new-to-me' flowers).

Some photos from around-
 This Morning Glory was blooming late in the day in a weedy section of the yard.
  Out for an evening walk.
 The oldest grain bin is getting a new roof.

All the best!♥︎

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