Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Quilted Mouse Pad

This week I made a tiny quilt for my computer.

The optical mouse didn't track well on the stone countertop in our new kitchen (my desk is in the kitchen), so any excuse to make a new quilt!

I pieced little scraps of fabric together, and cut the piece into a rectangle.

Used a scrap of Soft and Stable batting, because I had it.

I used the walking foot to quilt dense parallel lines. I knew from trying to find something to work as a mouse pad that it needed not to move (I have lots of mini quilts, mug rugs etc but they didn't work), this piece of carpet underlay did the job.

I attached the underlay with a few random quilt lines. I did have to help it move in the machine by pulling slightly - for quilting and binding.

The little quilt is 7"x8", and it works quite well even with the seams - I think it is the dense quilting and stiff batting.

I finished spinning the sparkle fibre (282yds, 109g of a sport weight yarn).

I couldn't wait to start knitting some socks (toe-up, two-at-a-time, 56 stitches). This is my new take-along project.

I picked the last of the apples this week - well the ones I could reach from the top of our tallest step ladder.

We have two kinds of apple trees. I wish I knew what kind they are, they are both delicious. The ones on the left were the earlier ones (past their prime now). 

I made another batch of Maple Apple Butter with the later apples using the recipe from Homespun Seasonal Living, but omitted the apple juice since it would just add sugar and the apples were sweet enough, and since the apple sauce had to boil for quite a while to thicken up I didn't see the point of adding more liquid.

Photos from around -

I love the silhouettes against the sky.
so many bees
fall geese
I should have named her Shadow, she follows me everywhere (her name is Maggie - for Magpie because when she first came around she just chirped, like a Magpie, and she is black and white).

All the best!♥︎


Lady Locust said...

I love love love that mouse pad! And doesn't it just make the whole house smell good when you're make apple butter šŸŽ

Sharon Kwilter said...

What a clever idea for the mouse pad.

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