Tuesday, September 17, 2019


I finished spinning the blend of silk and linen -

I ended up with about 400m and 100g of a fingering weight yarn (65% Silk/35% Linen).

It goes well with the skein of silk gima that I dyed along side the fibre. I purposely spun the fibre for texture to contrast with the smooth silk ribbon. I noticed that there isn't much pink showing in the handspun yarn, I guess the other colours overpowered it. I will make some kind of a shawl with the yarns.

Now I am spinning some fibre that I bought on Friday at a local fibre festival.

It is so bright and sparkly! Since I usually dye my own fibre it is fun to be spinning something I didn't  dye.

first bobbin

This is a super wash Merino/nylon blend with some stellina for sparkle - perfect for socks.

Speaking of bright - I finished this pair of socks, although these are a bit garish. Regular, 64-stitch, toe-up, heel flap and gusset, knit two-at-a-time on 2.5mm long circular needle. The yarn is a commercial super wash Merino and nylon blend that I had dyed (it didn't come out how I had hoped). This was my take-along project.

Photos from around the place -

still working on the roof
harvesting soybeans next door
a sunflower from the garden

All the best!♥︎

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Lady Locust said...

Those yarns are scrumptious! I like the style of those socks. Do they wear better in the heal with the gusset? I'm not a sock maker (someday) but I am a sock wearer :-)

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