Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fabric Pod

I knew that when we added hooks to our new walk in closet that a hanging basket would be handy. I had been seeing quite a few quilted pods online and thought that would be perfect

I used a piece of fabric that I had snow dyed a few years ago. Every now and then I get out my little stash of hand dyed fabric, admire it, and put it away - not having the heart to cut it up. Recently on Ravelry there has been a few 'make-alongs' involving using your most precious fibre, yarn, etc. I spun some fibre I had been saving a few weeks ago, and it made me realize I should be using my 'precious' fabric too. I am so glad that I did!

I cut out a 12"x20" rectangle (basically the size of the fabric I had to work with). Cut out a curve on the top, and used the leftover piece to cut a 5" circle for the bottom. I quilted the fabric with just a layer of silk batting (because it was thin and I had a small leftover piece the right size), with no backing because I knew I was going to line the pod. 

Using a walking foot for the quilting, and a thick Valdani variegated hand quilting thread on top and regular 50wt sewing thread in the bobbin, I quilted curved, parallel lines.

To shape the pod there are 2 little darts along the top edge and 7 along the bottom. I sewed the back seam and attached the bottom after sewing the darts, then made an identical one with a plain piece of hand dyed fabric for the lining (no batting or quilting). There is a piece of bias binding along the top edge, and a leftover piece of bias tape for the loop. Super simple!

 The grey sweater is coming along - I have separated for the sleeves now.

With a few trips into the city the sparkle socks are growing too.

Apple season ended just in time for the start of tomato season!

With the threat of frost I picked all the tomatoes. We have had so much rain recently that our yard is flooded - hard work in the garden, but the puddles in the yard are great for cleaning rubber boots.

The first batches of salsa,

made with bounty from the garden.

Photos from around -

Racoon prints in the vegetable garden
Echinacea blooming
With all the rain the pond is so full-
From the opposite direction-
We are hoping for a nice, big skating rink this winter.
sunset walk

 All the best!♥︎


PaintedThread said...

Love that pod! Is there an actual pattern, or you just totally winged it?

Lady Locust said...

What a fun project! Also, yet again, yes, it's me. . . I love the socks!

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