Monday, April 11, 2016

More QAL Blocks

This weekend I caught up on a couple of quilt alongs.

The first is Westering Women -

This is Sweet Gum Leaf. I was hesitant about this one because of the Y-seams, and the original pattern involved printing out templates (not my thing). Luckily measurements were added for the dimensions of the parallelograms and it made things a bit easier.

The parallelograms ended up being cut from 3" wide strips using the 45 on the ruler and being 2+3/4" wide - even easier.

For the stem I didn't use the template either but a bias tube made with a 1+1/2" wide bias strip and a 1/2" bias bar.

For the Y-seams I remembered that I had inherited a little tool to mark the seam allowance - how handy!

My Y-seams worked out! I used to pin to match the dots and stitched from the dot to the edge of the fabric (in the past I have tried pivoting at the intersection but that never worked).

The three WW blocks so far (12" blocks, one a month for the year).

Next are the Circa 2016 blocks

The ones I made this week (3" blocks, two identical blocks per week),

and all the blocks so far, (the piles of pinwheels, hourglass and nine patches from the beginning make the centre of the quilt - I just have to decide on the fabric I will use).

plus all the squares cut for the 120 1+1/2" half square triangles we will need (we found out the QAL will go until the beginning of October!). I am really enjoying this QAL.

At the beginning of March my husband and I took our first vacation without children (just a few days and tacked on to a business meeting for my husband). We went to visit some my relatives in a small town in Quebec  -

lots of snow

and a few days in Montreal -

Old Montreal

Plateau Mont Royal -

Beautiful spring flowers at the shopping centre in Laval-

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the impressive chocolate selection at the grocery store-

We had a lovely time, and our children managed fine (I knew they would, they are young men now).

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Raewyn said...

Great to see all your new posts and see what you've been up to! Looking forward to seeing them all in person :-)