Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Couple of Finishes

This first one is a quilt I pieced and quilted for the school where I am lucky enough to volunteer.

The middle school students went to winter camp recently, and one of the activities was painting these 8.5" squares. They all did such a wonderful job (their names have been blurred in the photo), the different colours are their House colours. It was fun quilting different designs in all the blocks. The quilt is 74" x 98". It will hang in the entrance of the school.

I quilted a large hooked feather in the border (8.5" wide).
The batting is Hobbs 20/80 - it is the first time I have quilted with it and it was very nice to quilt (although a bit fuzzy and hard on the allergies). For the quilting in the ditch and the FMQ in the blocks I used Invisafil 100Wt thread, and the feather in the border was quilted with 50Wt cotton thread, so that it would stand out. The usual - quilted on my DSM, #80 Titanium needle, single hole throat plate, feed dogs up, 50Wt cotton thread in the bobbin.

This is my other finish -

a Romanian Point Lace doily - just a sneak peak. I think my blog is mainly quilting, but really it is a Romanian Point Lace blog. By far I get more views on my Romanian Point Lace Tutorial than any other post on my blog. I posted it two and a half years ago, and thought it was about time that I did a follow up intermediate tutorial - coming soon.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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