Friday, July 15, 2011

New Thread

I was given a spool of Superior Threads The Bottom Line to try out.

It is a 60 wt polyester thread.

I made a little table topper to try the new thread out. It is 16" square, with wool batting.

I tried out some applique (I was given a spool of purple thread which is not my favorite colour, and I don't have too much purple fabric in my stash - all this fabric is from my inherited stash), also some quilting in the ditch with a walking foot and free motion quilting.

I used a #70 Microtex needle. I tried using the Bottom Line thread in the bobbin - it worked fine for the applique, but I had to switch to Aurifil cotton thread for the free motion quilting because the threads kept breaking (my machine seems to struggle with polyester thread in the top and bottom, so I wasn't surprised).

Overall I liked the thread. I still prefer Invisafil for applique because it is a 100wt thread and is a bit less noticeable (it didn't help that I used plain fabric). The thread worked well for free motion quilting, and the 1,420 yards on the spool would go a long way, plus it comes in a beautiful range of colours.

Yesterday I had a couple of comments about why I wouldn't quilt so many lines of the Winding Ways blocks again -

it was just because there ended up being too many quilting lines in the center of the blocks. It was very easy to do because the blocks make nice large circles which were very easy to follow with the walking foot.

We have been bike riding in the country again,

and ended up in this large dried up ditch -

my son found a little fish,

in the only puddle,

better luck than fishing in the lake last week!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Needled Mom said...

I use the bottom line in my bobbins most of the time. It is great for that job,

Awww...poor little fish. I hope he finds a better water source.

Mary L. said...

I love Superior Threads and use them almost exclusively. I use Bottom Line for applique and find it blends into the fabric very well. I don't see my stitches (it's what was used on all 3 Dutch Treat quilts). I sometimes use BL as a bobbin thread when I have poly on top. My Juki accepts it quite well. I prefer So Fine, Masterpiece, or King Tut for free motion, depending on whether I want the quilting to show or not. A friend recently discovered she loves BL for paper piecing minis.

Linda said...

Quilting is gorgeous!!! I'm ok with Bottom Line. I've used it for FMQ on my sewing machine and found it to be a little fussy. I felt like I had to quilt super slow. I did, however like the weight. I haven't tried it on the LA yet.

Raewyn said...

The thread has come up lovely in your quilting - and your quilting is looking great!!! I haven;t experimented with different threads yet -- I didn't realise there was so much difference between them all - obviously I still have lots of adventuring to do!

Myra said...

A sweet little table topper Joanne!!

Poor fishy...

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