Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Spin the Bin

I participated in a spinning challenge in a Ravelry group (Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinning) called Spin the Bin. The challenge was to get together 24oz (680g) or more of fibre in a bin, and spin it within the year.

This was my starting fibre - 1.32kg (46.6oz),

and the finished yarn.

Ended up with 1.28kg (45.2oz), 2,788m (3,049yds) of yarn. It is also almost 9km (over 5 miles) of spinning - singles and plying lengths added together (some of the yarn is two ply and some three ply).
Most of the yarn was spun during Tour de Fleece (another spinning challenge).

Photos from around
The gardens are doing well-
perennial flower garden
vegetable garden
the grasses have gotten so tall
we started canning (pickled beans)
Best friends-
Checking out each other's teeth?

All the best!♥︎


PaintedThread said...

Five miles of spinning? Wow!

Goofy animals. So happy together. :-)

Unknown said...

Your yarn is absolutely wonderful!

Sharon Kwilter said...

Those yarns are beautiful. Will you be weaving them? Embroidering? You do such wonderful projects. And your yard is amazing too. It looks like you have a huge yard.

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