Sunday, May 31, 2020

May Round-Up

I am glad that I signed up for challenges at the beginning of the year - they are really motivating me.

For the May One Monthly Goal I wanted to finish two mini quilts, and I just got the second one finished today!

This is what I made with the Stay at Home Sampler blocks from the Temecula Quilt Company on Instagram. The quilt is 20"x30".

The other is this Thimble Quilt I talked about last time (14"x25").

Since we are still staying home because of COVID 19 I am choosing to do things that I really enjoy, so both of these quilts are finished the same - small inner border, large outer border, and the machine quilting is the same as well - meander in the centre, loops in the inner border and hooked feathers for the outer border - real comfort sewing for me.

Thanks for the motivation Patty!!

For the May OPAM I finished five projects!
The above two mini quilts, two pairs of handspun socks, and a little orphan block wall hanging.

Both pairs of socks are toe-up, two-at-a-time, 58 stitches, on a 2.75mm needle. I used up every bit of handspun for both pairs of socks. Dyeing the fibre, spinning the yarn and knitting simple socks are definitely some of my favourite things.

I spun up yarn for a couple more pairs of socks-

This one might be a bit thick for socks and work better for slippers.

This one is a rainbow gradient.

This little wallhanging was made with some of my orphan blocks (so I am counting it towards the WOOFA Challenge too). Our son was experimenting with making little hangers for embroidery with his new CNC plasma cutter, and I wanted to try one out (it works well, just needs some design tweaks). It is 5"x14".

Thanks Kris and Cheryll for the motivation too!!

I mentioned last time that our son had made a CNC machine for the plasma cutter, so lots of metal has been cut recently (he did have a week off while waiting for a replacement part to be delivered). His is selling some items -

Mainly little birds of his own design.
This is a velociraptor from a pattern he purchased (he is selling the cut pieces as a kit - permission to sell came with the pattern)
He has also cut out a few other things from pictures online
 This is my favourite - a design by Jack Willoughby, it just needs a red marble in its mouth.
It is 12" high and 23" wide.
 This is one I spray painted.

Even though I had to wear a wool hat this morning (just above freezing temperatures), summer has arrived and we have been gardening!!

The perennial garden is doing well.
The vegetable garden is planted, and things have started sprouting.
We put in a new little area at the back of the yard (our son made a Torii Gate last year and painted it orange last week).
The apple trees are blooming beautifully.
A Baltimore Oriole.

All the best!♥︎
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