Monday, February 11, 2019

Another Chair Pad

Since I loved the first punch needle chair pad that I had made with handspun yarn, and I had enough leftover yarn, I had to make another.

To finish this one I again traced around the outer edge with a compass (it is about an inch)-

as a guide where to serge the edge to finish it.

For this one I added a layer of wool batting for a bit of extra padding.

I whipped stitch the hem in place through the batting and in to the back of the punch needle.

After I stitched a backing on to the piece.

I also added a couple to ties just to hold the batting in place (again through the batting and in to the back of the punch needle).

I made it a circle that was the inside diameter of my hoop for hand quilting just to make it easier to work the punch needle, and it turned out just the right size for this chair.

A bit of a windy day
Ice crystals in the air created this rainbow around the sun.
The snow covered fields look like the ocean.
 All the best!♥︎


Linda said...

It’s beautiful Joanne! Punch needle is on my wish list of things to learn. :-)

momto1 said...

I'm amazed at all your quilty/yarny/punchy adventures. I'm so impressed with your ability to take a raw fleece and make so many beautiful things. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

PaintedThread said...

What fun! how cute.

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