Thursday, March 26, 2015

Finished Sweater!

 I am so pleased to be finished knitting my first hand dyed, hand spun sweater.

I started with 2 lbs/almost 1Kg of pure merino wool fibre (from Ashford in New Zealand, purchased from Fibre Detours in Quebec). I divided the fibre into 9 bundles (just over 100g each) to make dyeing easier.

I dyed it (how I dye is described in this post). I had way more fibre than I ended up needing (but better than not enough).

I spun 800g of the fibre.

Here are the 3 skeins of yarn that used for the sweater.

The final sweater!! Before weaving in all the ends, washing and blocking - I just couldn't wait to show it off.
The sweater is a top-down, raglan sweater. I didn't use a pattern, but these types of sweaters are so easy - there is a basic formula once you figure out gauge and the number of stitches that need to be cast on for the neck. After that it is just trying it on and increasing and then decreasing as needed. more details of the sweater can be found on Ravelry (you might need to be a member to see this page). Top-down is a great way to knit a sweater because they end up fitting perfectly.
This project took exactly one month - I started spinning on February 26th, started knitting on March 4th - finished March 26th.

Yesterday we had a snow storm with heavy wet snow (all the old snow was almost gone).

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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