Friday, February 15, 2013

The Winner Is..

Thank-you to every one that entered my Spreading Love Giveaway - there were lots of heartwarming stories.

My son picked a number, and the winner of the little wallhanging is Karen (For the Love of Needle and Thread).
She told the story of a Random Act of Kindness that happened to her -

I was the recipient of a RAK once when I was leaving a doctor's office. The parking lot had one of those toll booths where you had to drop in the coin to get the lever to go up and I dropped the coin and didn't have any more. I was so upset from seeing the doctor and then this happened. Well I had a long line of cars waiting behind me to get out and a wonderful lady came up and gave me a coin. It was a small act that meant the world to me at the moment.

Congratulations Karen!

This week I have been trying to work on some "of the Month" projects I have for February.

The first is my Art Quilt of the Month. I have been doing embroidery for this one - I tried some Pulled Thread embroidery. It is on a piece of my snow dyed fabric - seemed appropriate since there is still so much snow.

This one is for a BOM that I am participating in with a local quilt group. The first block was one of our choosing, and so I tried a Lone Star since I have never made one before. The block is a 24",  and as you can see I had a few difficulties with it - I am hoping it will all work out in the quilting!
For this BOM a block pattern or idea will be chosen every month. We decide which style of quilt we will make - mine will be a random/scrappy style with different size blocks - I think it might be called Orphan Block Quilt (although the blocks won't be Orphans, so I am not sure of the name). My colour palette will be cream/red/pink/beige/caramel.

I still have the Pieces of Time blocks to make for February.

The gray partridges were enjoying the sunshine yesterday.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Heather said...

Congratulations to the winner.

I love the colours of the snow dyed fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing with it.

I am going to challenge myself to learn to properly do blocks with y seams. I am not good at it and want to improve and not be scared of them. I don"t know which block i'll use, but a bit simpler than the Lone Star.

Raewyn said...

Congratulations to Karen!! Your Lone Star is lovely and I am sure the quilter will do wonders with it!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Art Quilt project too.

Joan said...

Congratulations to Karen. Love your lone star...I have given up on mine - it was just too big and too difficult with all those cut on the cross sides. My next one - if ever will be done with the Inklingo method...Your colours are very subtle. They blend beautifully.

Karen said...

I'm sitting here with tears of happiness, Joanne. I can't believe it. It's too good to be true that I won your beautiful piece! Thank you so very much. It will enjoyed and treasured always. ♥♥

mimi'sdarlins said...

Congratulations, Karen! This is such a lovely piece to win, and I know you will cherish it :)

Julia said...

Congrats to Karen,
It's such a beautiful piece Joanne,
Beautiful work, I'm sure it will be treasured..

Myra said...

Great block Joanne! If this is for the project I am leading, (that I've been tardy on, but email sent out now) it is an Ostrich Challenge Project. ;)

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