Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Growing Puppy

Little Miss Molly sure is growing. Here she is yesterday-

And almost three weeks ago (the day she came to live with us)-

Last week she started dropping her ball at the top of any slope, watching it roll down and then chasing after it.
Here she is at the top of a snow bank-

dropping her ball
watching it roll down
chasing after her ball
We have been enjoying the skating rink. We had our family Christmas party on the weekend and it was perfect skating weather.
Here are my boys skating yesterday-

Season's Greetings, and all the best!♥︎


Shepherdess55 said...

Smart dog. She plays catch with herself.

Diane H said...

Oh my, your puppy is growing rapidly. Smart little guy with his ball.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. I look forward to following along again in 2020. Best wishes for the New Year.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

What a cute puppy!She has lot's of energy! Love her sweater, I am sure she thinks it's snazzy too!!
Merry Christmas, wishing you a wonderful 2020 just around the corner.

PaintedThread said...

Wow - what a change in three weeks! She now longer looks so puppyish (although she's got a lot of growing into those ears!). Love that she plays ball with herself.

Merry Christmas!

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