Friday, December 20, 2019

A Pair of Mini Quilts

I enjoyed making the Tiny Tree quilt so much, that I couldn't resist the Temecula Quilt Company's Thanksgiving quilt too.

I loved the colours of the original one, that I made mine the same. After I was finished I realized that since my house is decorated for Christmas, one in Christmas colours would be nice.

So I made a second one. 

Both are quilted simply with a walking foot and 100 weight thread. They are about 8"x11", made with 1+1/2" squares and strips - a perfect way to use up the little bits of fabric from my scrap bin (I love coming across fabric that I haven't seen in a while).

Photos from around -

We recently had some high winds which left interesting patterns of dirt from the fields on the snow.
The puppy found something new to chew on.
In the above photo you can see that the pond/skating rink is the same level as the surrounding ground. The skating rink is huge, but it didn't freeze well. Hopefully with a bit of work and cooperating weather we will be able to skate soon.
It has been two weeks since the puppy came to stay, and the cat hasn't gotten used to her yet. She is incredibly quiet (she used to have lots of say and be so loud), plus she doesn't play much now. She does come for walks with us - if it isn't too cold. I hope one day they will be friends - the puppy really wants to get closer. In the above photo Maggie is in a spot that she spends a lot of time - waiting for food.

All the best!♥︎


Julierose said...

What adorable mini quilts--I like the Christmas version a lot--hugs, Julierose

Sue SA said...

Sweet mini quilts, such fun playing with tiny scraps of favorite fabrics. I did the tree too, but still not finished unfortunately. I hope you get to ice skate over the holidays.

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