Monday, July 29, 2019

Tour de Fleece 2019

Tour de Fleece 2019 finished up yesterday. I was pleased that I spun every day of the tour, but I didn't get as much spun as I had hoped.

I spun a total of 424g/1540m of yarn. The pink is a challenge yarn of five different fibres, and the grey is over half of a raw fleece that I had prepared for a sweater.

For sewing this week I made an anti-predation collar cover for our cat - it took about 10 minutes and half of the time was finding bright fabric (you can tell I didn't even get out the iron). My Mother first told me about these collars, it is to help keep the birds safe from the cat (I decided to make one on the morning she came home with two birds - one I made her let go, but the next one she got she wouldn't come near me) .
I followed this tutorial - link.

I used the serger to sew the collar, first I finished the raw edges of the opening and then stitched around the circles.

She doesn't seem to mind the cover - it just fits over her break-away collar (in the above photo she looks a bit lopsided because she lost one of her eyebrows)

I will make another one using a bit smaller circle, or maybe cutting away part of the circle because there seems to be too much fabric - it looks a bit like a clown collar. I haven't seen her get a bird but she does still catch rodents - which is good because that's her job.

Farm Photos -

There seems to be a female Teal duck living on the other pond, we are hoping she has a nest.

I am hoping that this is just a bad year for grasshoppers, because I have never seen anything like it (and it kind of freaks me out going into the garden). They seem to really congregate in certain areas of the garden, like these potatoes and beans-

There is also a potato beetle in the picture, but about 100 grasshoppers (I can still hear them when I look at this picture!).

Luckily the flower garden doesn't have too many grasshoppers, the annual poppies are blooming-

As well as these Speedwell - 

 All the best!♥︎

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Sue SA said...

I dont have a cat because I love the birds more! But I will be following this link thank you, as we have friends and neighbours who do have cats and I am intrigued as to how this work, and fact there is such a easy solution! Thank you. PS so hope the grasshoppers die off soon!

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