Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Fibre Prep

Tour de Fleece (a yearly online spinning event held during Tour de France) started this weekend, and last week I prepared some fibre to spin.  One of the Ravelry groups that I belong to suggested a challenge to blend and spin 5 different fibres together.

I chose some linen, tussah silk, soy silk (that I had previously dyed pink), plus small amounts of sari silk and gold angelina.

I blended it two times on the drum carder.

Resulting in a batt that I dizzed to make it easier to spin - dizzing just pulls the fibres through a small hole, this one is a button.

I ended up with about 100g ready to spin.

Almost finished the first half.

Around the farm-

crop duster spraying the fields
wild roses at the edge of the road
the little nest now has 6 eggs
I learned how to mow with the tractor this week
The little nest is just to the right of the arm of the tractor in the above photo (the grass is longer because we mow around it). It doesn't seem the safest spot to make a nest, but it has been there for almost a month so far, the tiny bird is always on the nest and the number of eggs keeps growing. We are waiting to see when they hatch because the one large egg can't be her's - she is a small type of sparrow, and we think the large egg is a cowbird's egg.

Yesterday we had a big thunderstorm - the power was out for about 7 hours, but it was interesting to watch.
great clouds
lots of hail - super noisy in the sun room
All the best!♥︎

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Diane H said...

That was quite a storm had quite a storm. Your fleece looks like cotton candy, what a wonderful process. In the little birds nest, it is best to remove the cow bird eggs.

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