Monday, July 22, 2019

Ashton Top

I love sewing - it doesn't matter what I sew I am just happy to sit at my sewing machine. This past weekend I sewed myself an Ashton top (I mended some shorts too, still happy).

The pattern is from Helen's Closet (Ashton top pattern link). 
I made mine out of some quilting fabric that I was given a long time ago. This was to test the pattern, I am planning on making a dress using the same pattern (link to the inspiration dress I saw). I am really happy with how the top turned out. It is extremely comfortable to wear. The pattern is simple and so well explained. I made the long version with facing.

Renovations are still in full swing at our house. 

My husband had last week off and we replaced some of the exterior doors (the old ones were original and in rough shape), plus we replaced a window (the old one was relatively new but broken when we moved in). Every little bit that gets done makes our house feel more like our home.

With all the rain and heat we have had recently the vegetable garden is doing really well.

I froze some Swiss Chard to use in smoothies later. Just washed and dried, and vacuumed sealed. I read this somewhere online and it works really well, it is easy to break a piece off to add to a smoothie.

Random Photos-
flower bed with vegetable garden behind
Tiger Lilies at their peak

When the cat sits on the rocks around the yard she reminds me of the movie the Lion King - "Everything the light touches is our kingdom" - I am sure that is what she is thinking.

All the best!♥︎


Lady Locust said...

Your garden is beautiful! I've just began sewing for myself again. A nicely fitting tank is worth its weight in golld - well done!

Michelle H said...

Sew cute! Think I'm going to have to make one or a few of these lol

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